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Secure InfoSolutions, LLC is a value added reseller of network, desktop and mobile security solutions for event monitoring, alerting and remediation.  Established in 2012 as SNARE Alliance, LLC, Secure InfoSolutions, LLC has expanded its security solutions line card beyond SNARE SIEM Servers and Agents, to include related security technologies:

With offices in Denver, Colorado, Secure InfoSolutions, LLC sells and supports customers across North America.  Our clients include enterprise and midmarket customers in financial services, insurance, retail, energy, healthcare, education and government.

Security software purchased through Secure InfoSolutions includes annual maintenance and customer support, backed by product licensing and second-level maintenance from its vendor partners.  

For more information about security solutions, demos, trials and quotes, please contact us by form, or feel free to contact me directly at:

Mark Rieger
Managing Director
Secure InfoSolutions, LLC

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