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Ardexa has developed an intelligent software agent that functions on small form, single board computers, such as the Raspberry Pi. These “edge devices” act as gateways for sensors, actuators and applications. The Ardexa Agent has intelligent security functions that manage the set-up of the connection with the cloud.  Ardexa’s IoT Agent software enables a range of functionality from scheduling processes, handling output of varying formats, including metadata, allowing full remote control and allowing bi-directional file transfers. This means there is no need for libraries of SDKs to handle IoT functionality. Developers are then freed up to develop solutions without having to worry about handling communications, security, metadata, caching, etc,

Ardexa’s IoT Agent works on most Linux or Windows machines, small or large. The Ardexa agent runs on x86, x86_64 and ARM, Linux or Windows, with more platforms in the pipeline.   Ardexa uses digital certificates to identify and authenticate each and every Agent. All communications with the cloud are encrypted and authenticated, so customer devices, along with data, are protected.

Quick Start Guide

A quick and easy-to-read guide on the basics of starting your Ardexa account.  It provides an overview of how Ardexa works and its components.  It then shows how to open an account, create an agent, establish a secure connection and utilize some of the basic features.  Finally, it provides an introductory explanation of running basic commands, creating dashboards and undertaking basic searches.

Ardexa Educational Videos

View nine Ardexa Educational Videos on subjects from: Getting Started, Configuring Devices, Working with the Dashboard, Search and Analysis, Installing Ardexa on a Raspberry Pi Edge Device, and more.



The Ardexa IoT agent initiates all connections to the cloud. It does not accept any incoming connections. The connection established to the cloud includes a “back channel” that allows full remote control access to the device. Developers are therefore free to completely firewall their devices, and not allow any inbound services to the Thing.


If the network is unavailable for whatever reason, the agent will securely cache any events gathered in the downtime. Transmission is resumed once the connection is restored.


The Ardexa IoT agent uses digital certificates to identify and approve access to the cloud. These certificates are not shared across Things, and so can be revoked or ‘quarantined’ if need be. The user need not be aware of the certificates, as they are installed and managed automatically during the agent installation.


Each device stores its own metadata about what it’s collecting. This metadata, along with any other configuration option, can be remotely managed via the Ardexa Cloud.


Log files can be monitored in real time. The agent uses an efficient event monitoring system to ensure very low resource usage while watching these log files.


The Ardexa Agent comes precompiled and ready to use. Debian packages are available for ARM and Intel.


Commands can be scheduled to run at regular intervals. The output of the process is then sent to the Ardexa Cloud for processing and storage.


Remote control has never been easier. Commands and their results can be stored for later analysis or audit purposes.


The agent can send or receive files with the Ardexa Cloud.  This makes it the perfect tool for keeping devices up-to-date or keeping personnel up-to-date with what devices are monitoring


Be alerted when sensitive files have been changed in any way.

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