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Ardexa is about giving customers greater access and control over your edge devices, regardless of how, where or when they connect to the internet. From Linux driven Raspberry Pi ® to Windows servers, Ardexa enables customers to:

  • Send events to the cloud in the most secure manner possible, whether the “event” is a number, string, photo or file
  • Fully remote control devices from anywhere, without compromising security
  • Transfer files to and from devices
  • Configure devices remotely
  • Manage device metadata remotely
  • Run programs at regular intervals, collect log files in real time and monitor files for changes
  • Set and forget devices: Ardexa Agents will manage the connection to the Internet, including caching events, reconnecting, and processing any requests that were queued while the device was offline.
  • Sleep at night knowing the confidentiality and integrity of data is protected from end-to-end.


As per Figure 1 (right) messages to and from devices are sent to the Ardexa cloud. The message queue:

  • Acts as the gateway for all messages
  • Checks that devices and consumers are allowed to access the queue, and
  • Enforces that all communications are encrypted
  • If the device or consumer is unavailable, then messages are stored until such time that the recipient is available once more.
  • Customers can utilize the Ardexa cloud service, a private internal cloud or public cloud service.


Data coming in from device(s) will be stored in the database for searching, and can also be used to drive a dashboard item. But data can also be viewed in real-time as it comes in. To do this, Go to the Devices tab in the Ardexa front end, select the device, then select the Live Feed tab. Each stream of data is defined by the table.source property. So each of these streams will be available to view from the drop down list on Live Feed.

Any number of dashboards can be defined. Dashboards supports multiple data streams views in a graphical form known as Cards. The Dashboards menu allows users to create new dashboards or load an existing dashboard. Figure 2, Above shows an example dashboard. As shown at the top of Figure 2, there are 2 types of Cards available on a dashboard: ‘sensor’ cards and ‘action’ cards. A ‘sensor’ card captures data from the device and displays it on the dashboard. An ‘action’ card will send a command to the device and show any results on the dashboard. Each card is configured by using the ⋀ symbol at the bottom of each card. This will show the ‘back’ of the card and allow you to set the parameters for what is displayed on the front.



  • Message queueing-A message switch that enables users to send and consume messages in any direction, all asynchronous to accommodate Internet connectivity disruptions.
  • Device and consumer access manager-Manage all devices, revoke them when at risk, switch them out when they need to change. All these features are available, along with data access privileges.



  • Configuration manager-Set digital certificates, identify them, test connection and other features enables the full configuration of each device.
  • Remote shell-Running commands on a remote device is simple with the remote shell.
  • File transfer-Patch software, upgrades, transfer edge processing applications and many more. All this with file-transfer capability.



  • Certificate Authority-Ardexa has a built-in certificate authority that issues certificates to each and every device. This is a simple function and requires basic knowledge only of certificate issuances and management.



  • User Access manager-Access rights are managed by a set of defined roles.
  • Message Consumer-Messages can be consumed by other departments or third parties that are designated to get parts of the data streams.
  • Storage Manager-Manage the data storage. Determine retention limits and redundancy requirements.
  • Search Engine-Extremely fast search capabilities enables you to draw fast insights from the data.
  • Program alert triggers based on pre-set data limits

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