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The Renewable Energy Industry continues to grow as economies of scale make hydroelectric turbines, solar panels and wind farm more cost competitive with fossil fuels and advances in digital technology make those plants more manageable and efficient.

IoT software platforms like Ardexa, support machine learning that leads to increased operational efficiencies.  Real-time analytics of data collected from solar arrays, hydroelectric plants and wind turbines will allow operators to optimize processes, reduce down time with preventative maintenance and achieve rapid responses to operational issues, potentially improving output to the Electricity Value Network (EVN) by as much as 20% and minimizing costly down-time.  

Conventional predictive maintenance is manual and periodic and is subject to error.  But sensors that collect operational data in real time and send that data to the cloud for resolution can result in a significant improvement in response time and operational effectiveness, reduced operating costs and increases revenue. Ardexa’s IoT Platform for Renewables enables secure remote access to solar, hydro and wind operations for real-time digital monitoring and control.


For hydro stations (PLC environment), all sensors, actuators and alarms were connected through the PLC I/O boards, using proprietary OPC (UA) servers.  Relevant hydroelectric data measurements could include:  current flow, water flow, intake water level, bearing temperature, and power output and energy yields at the grid connection point, with the ability to control load devices and water pumps.  Hydro stations can also deploy an underwater closed-circuit TV system to monitor accumulated debris at the turbine blades.


For Solar Plants (non-controller environments), data can be gathered directly from inverters, counters and other devices.  Relevant solar data measurements could include: ambient temperature, solar insolation, solar panel tilt to optimize energy capture, a closed-circuit TV system to provide site perimeter security, as well as capturing energy consumption and energy yields at the grid connection point.

  Ardexa’s Solar Log Application

Ardexa Solar IoT Agent Console Demo


For wind turbines (proprietary controllers), sensors, actuators and alarms can be connected through I/O boards, also using OPC (UA) servers.  Relevant wind turbine data measurements could include: rotation speed, wind speed, vibration rate, energy consumption rate and backup battery status, along with the ability to feather/shut down the wind turbine.  Real-time measurements could allow turbine operators to alter the angle and speed of turbine blades in order to optimize performance at any given time, based on changing environmental conditions

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