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Ardexa is an international developer of IoT Agents and IoT Platforms for secure communication, command and control from sensors and edge devices to the cloud.   Ardexa’s management and technical team was responsible for the development of the Industry Standard – SNARE Open Source and Enterprise Agents and SIEM Servers for Security Information and Event Log Management.  Ardexa leveraged IT Security features and functionality of SNARE SIEM agent technology in the development of Ardexa Agents.

According to IoT Industry Pundits, security is the greatest challenge, risk and inhibitor of IoT market growth.  Ardexa solutions are available today to deal with security, integrity and reliability issues confronting the massive explosion of connected devices.


Security is Ardexa’s top priority. Details of how Ardexa secures IoT connections can be found in white papers. In brief, this is what Ardexa does to ensure the security of customer data:

 Ardexa Agents initiate the connection to the cloud, and in doing so, establish bi-directional communications. This means that there is no need to break through firewalls, since the agents will not accept incoming (to the device) connections.

 All communications are authenticated and encrypted using digital certificates. Certificates are much better for handling secure communications than passwords. Digital certificates are included in the agent installation file and for even greater security, customers can generate their own certificates! If a device is lost or stolen (or more specifically, the certificate), its authority to communicate to the cloud can be immediately revoked.



A significant number of IoT implementations today rely on ‘System Development Kits (SDKs)’, ‘frameworks’ or ‘libraries’. The success of this approach is highly dependent on trained architects and programmers, who know what they are doing and have the time to dedicate to developing a secure, functional IoT solution. In most instances, this is not the case.   To alleviate this problem, Ardexa provides a fully functioning IoT Agent and a complete IoT Platform including Cloud, open-source software, open standards, getting started and user guides, collateral and whitepapers to support developers.

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