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CounterSnipe Implementation

Hardware-Software Requirements: CounterSnipe’s Active Protection System (APS) may be deployed in many different ways on a network.

The figure below illustrates one example:

Deployment Options:

• Redundant APSs in IPS mode on Internet Gateway
• Redundant APSs in IPS mode between VPN and wireless DMZ’s
• Redundant APSs in IPS mode in front of Internal and External DMZ’s
• APSs in IDS mode at internal nodes
• APSs as remotely managed IDS/IPS devices in a multiple device deployment

counersnipe-logo-t You may use any virtual machine for evaluations. For our trial we used a Laptop, Lenovo G500, running Windows 8.1. But you can use any OS/Machine supported by your chosen VM.  



Oracle Virtualbox version 4.3.26, is available from:
Ubuntu ISO is available from:

logo-ubuntu_st_no®-black_orange-hex Here is a list of supported servers, but most PCs and servers will work fine  Please look in the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS column.   If you are familiar with general Linux world and know Ubuntu:

1.Build a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server (make sure to choose entire hard disk from disk choices)
2.Email the eth0 mac address with your details
3.Go to Starting CounterSnipe Install

CounterSnipe Quick Start Guide IDS, IPS:

CounterSnipe Administrators Guide:


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