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Why is Privileged Account Management so critical?

Hackers today are targeting your privileged account credentials for good reason. 62% of breaches result from Privileged Account Abuse. Once hackers gain access, they can advance from an initial breach, escalating their privileges and moving through your network to identify and compromise confidential information. Hijacking the privileged credentials of an authorized user, an attacker can easily blend in with legitimate traffic and be extremely difficult to detect. Many organizations today are especially vulnerable because they lack an automated Privileged Account Management solution and struggle to maintain manual systems for securing privileged credentials. As a result, Privileged Accounts are all too often unknown, unmanaged and unprotected.

  Do you know how many privileged accounts you have and where they are located?
  Do you have all of your privileged accounts locked in a password vault?
  Can you easily produce privileged password compliance reports?
  Can you easily access, manage and change these passwords across the enterprise according to best practice policies?
  Do you have a simple and secure UI for setting up and enforcing policies to protect privileged accounts?
Hear from CISOs, CTOs, and CIOs about why privileged account management (PAM) is so important to protect and manage privileged network passwords:

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Thycotic, a global leader in next-generation IT security solutions, delivers an indispensable, comprehensive Privileged Account Management (PAM) solution to protect your “keys to the kingdom” from cyber-attacks and insider threats. Unlike any other security offering, Thycotic Secret Server assures the protection of your privileged accounts while being the fastest to deploy, easiest to use, scalable enterprise-class solution offered at a competitive price.

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