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Veriato 360 Recon

Veriato 360 Recon brings balance to corporate security and employee privacy.  A brand new approach to employee digital activity monitoring, designed to allow companies to receive the benefits of digital activity monitoring while protecting the privacy of the employees. The new anomaly detection in Veriato 360 Recon 8.3 clearly identifies when user behavior deviates from a baseline set. Veriato 360 Recon 8.3 can also be tailored to meet customer-specific needs via the ability to refine the type and number of alerts sent by the system based on the company’s business requirements and personal level of acceptable risk.

Veriato 360 Recon Features: Baseline User Activity:  The solution understands what normal looks like, whether you are comparing a user to their own historical behavior, or to a peer group of users. Detect Anomalies:  When insiders go “rogue” their behavior changes as they shift from simply performing their function to engaging in activities that harm your organization.  The software watches for signs of change that are directly related to insider threats, and alerts you as soon as meaningful anomalies are detected. Armed with this early warning, you can proactively respond and protect your organization from the damage caused by insider attacks   Log Underlying Activity:  By maintaining a secure log of recent user activity, the solution enables rapid investigation and provides intelligence to inform incident response Veriato 360 Recon collects and logs the underlying user activity data for up to 30 days. Spector 360 Recon logs the data it collects so it is available if you need it. Accessing the underlying activity data requires a Veriato 360 license. For many organizations, Veriato 360 Recon stand-alone meets their goals. Organizations that recognize the benefits of combining User Behavior Analytics with User Activity Monitoring frequently purchase “floating” Veriato 360 licenses along with Veriato 360 Recon. These floating licenses can be moved throughout the organization, so when the need arises to view the underlying data it is a quick and easy process to do so. The activity is collected where it occurs – at the point where the user interacts with the systems and data. This provides the most accurate picture of what insiders are doing and supports best practices for preventing IP theft by departing employees.

Veriato 360 Recon Overview Video

Veriato 360 Recon enables organizations to monitor employee desktop activity, including:

  Document Tracking:  Veriato 360 Recon creates a log of exactly what documents are moving through your network, including when they printed or transferred to removable storage or personal cloud solutions like Dropbox.

  File Tracking: Veriato 360 Recon records every file transferred by monitoring HTTP, FTP, cloud services, and P2P file transfers.

  Email:  Veriato 360 Recon’s cutting-edge email recording capabilities are designed to ensure that you have a complete record of all email & webmail (including attachments) being sent and received.

  Network Activity Logging:  Records which applications are connecting to the Internet and when the Internet address they connected to, ports used, and the network bandwidth consumed.

  Application Usage:  Veriato 360 Recon will log all application usage including: application name, active, focus and total time of use.

  User Status:  Events such as login / logout, mouse and keyboard activity, and active vs. inactive time are all recorded.

  Screen Capture:  The most powerful way to visually record and review digital activity. Like a surveillance camera pointed directly at every computer on your company network filming all computer activity.

  Chat / IM:  See both sides of computer-based messaging; Veriato 360 Recon supports over a dozen of the most-used messaging applications + custom applications.

   Web Activity:  Significantly more sophisticated than browser history, providing you with important details including: time of last visit, duration of visit, active time on site, total number of visits to the site, page title, and more.


Veriato 360 Recon 8.3 is laser focused on user behaviors related to data exfiltration potential, allowing organizations to baseline behavior versus a user’s historical behavior and relative to the behavior of the group(s) they belong to. The software detects and alerts on anomalous behavior related to file interactions and movement, printing, cloud storage usage, removable media usage, and email as these are typical paths for insiders to use to take intellectual property.

System Requirements: Recorder (for computers & laptops being recorded)

  • Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server® 2008
  • Mac OS® X 10.9 or higher running on a 64-bit Intel processor
  • Network Access (Networked on a Windows Domain, Workgroup, or Novell® Network)
  • Administrator share level access to computer for remote installation

Control Center

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008
  • Network access to servers, database, PCs, and Macs monitored


  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008
  • Network access to the SPECTOR 360 SQL instance
  • Windows login or login privileges to the Database

Server Components

    • Windows operating system, x32 or x64
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Enterprise class server (Pentium® III / Intel® Xeon® , 8 GB RAM) is recommended for ongoing use, but any newer Windows system is appropriate for evaluation
    • SQL Server Host Server—OS in native English
    • SQL Server Host Server—NTFS file system (not FAT32)
    • Static IP address is recommended
    • 40 GB free disk space



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