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Veriato Investigator

Veriato Investigator is a solution for temporary focused employee investigations that installs quickly, records detailed information on employee activity, and enables fast, accurate, and efficient exploration and playback of the recorded data. Whether you suspect an employee of wrongdoing or simply want to monitor someone’s activity on a company computer, Veriato CNE gives you the ability to discreetly record and replay individual employee activity remotely, from a central workstation or server. Perfect for small businesses or workgroups.

Veriato Investigator Overview

Veriato Investigator Features:

  Screen Playback: Replay detailed employee actions as if you were sitting there.

  Web Activity: Capture website visits searches performed, and social media activity, all with categorization and detailed time tracking.

  Email Activity: Archive every email sent and received from both corporate email and webmail services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

  Chat & IM: Record a complete copy of both sides of chat and IM.

  Document Tracking: Watch for files being printed, edited on a network drive, or copied to an external device.

  Application Activity: Know exactly when an application was used, what was done while open and how long was the application in use.

  Network Activity: Record every Internet connection a computer or application makes: the target IP address, TCP port used, and bandwidth consumed.

 Keystrokes: Capture all keystrokes typed to review by time, application, and document or web page title.



  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista®, XP, and Server® 2012, 2008 or 2003
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or higher running on a 64-bit Intel processor
  • Network Access
  • Administrator access to the computer for remote installation
  • Task Scheduler enabled for remote installation
  • Registry Services enabled for remote management

Control Center

  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista®, and Server® 2012, 2008 or 2003
  • Administrator Privileges to each network computer being recorded
  • Network access to computers being recorded

Data Vault

  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista®, and Server® 2012, 2008 or 2003
  • Network access to computers being recorded
  • Approx. 2-15MB of space per day for each computer being recorded (Hard disk requirements may vary)

Primary Server

  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista®, and Server® 2012, 2008 or 2003
  • Network Access to computers being recorded


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